Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Part 2 and three- Story

-Chapter 2- Should We Go?

Moonlight looked puzzled, but her dark brown eyes sparkling like always. “Should we go?” asked Moonlight with a curious look. Flame said while reading the note repeatedly “Why would he say good luck?” “I don’t know, but first answer my question” replied Moonlight. “I guess we should go”. The next day was spent packing. After they were finished packing they met in Flame’s room. “Twilight sounds nice but puzzling, said Moonlight, he did say he’ll only tell us what the job, if we say yes. Still but what if we don’t?”. “ We better go. But once he tells us we will really make the final decision” said Flame. “It’s all right, but still-“Moonlight stopped short. She knew the answer: We have to do it. But still she wasn’t sure about it.

-Chapter 3- Getting across

The next day, they walked to the lake. It took one hour to get there. “Do you think Twilight will be nice?” asked Moonlight. “Didn’t you already ask that yesterday?” Flame replied hastily. Then they saw the lake. They ran to it. “How do we get across?” wondered Flame. “I don’t know” said Moonlight. She checked her bag.”I have flashlight, food, batteries, rope, bandage, tape, two knives paper, pencil-.” Flame stopped her.

He thought for a while. He tested the water. “It’s steel with a mixture of nickel… no… copper and iron.”Flame murmured to himself. He took a pad out of his pack. He drew a copy of the lake. Flame nodded. “You said rope and tape, right”. Moonlight nodded. “Give them to me” said Flame. She did not give them to him. “Please” he added. She nodded and gave them to him. Flame made a loop in the rope and put some tape on it. He threw it and it landed on a rock. He pulled the rope so it would tighten. “Walk on this” “But-““Just walk or crawl.” Amazingly, it was very easy to walk on the rope. Soon enough they were on the other side. “And I thought it would be scary” murmured Moonlight.

They walked in to the forest that was behind the lake. “Why do you think Twilight said you can’t miss it” wondered Moonlight aloud. “Miss what” “Miss their building, headquarters, or whatever they call it” “Maybe it’s as big as that building” pointing his finger at the building straight. “WHAT Building” called Moonlight? “Oh, that one” said Flame. On the building it said “Headquarters of the Assembly of Fighters”. “That is the headquarters we are supposed to go to” growled Moonlight

End of chapters 2 & 3

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