Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapters 4, 5, and 6

-Chapter 4-Twilight

They went in. The receptionist said “Why are you here?” “We-” Flame began. “They’re with me, Jenifer” said a man with jet black hair like Flame and brown eyes.“Come” he said again. He beckoned them to come. “I am Twilight, as you know I work for the Assembly of Fighters. I am a scientist.” said Twilight. They turned to an office. “I have, not a job, but a Quest”

-Chapter 5-The Quest

“A quest?” said shrieked Moonlight.


“But we’re just kids”

“Yes I know”

“Can’t you do something?”

“I told you I’m just a scientist”

“Then we’re not do’ in your quest”

“If you come you have to do the thing you came for”


“Those are the rules”

“Now this is the quest, you just have to get an orb” said Twilight. “What orb” said Moonlight. “I hoped you wouldn’t ask that, He sighed “The… Orb of light, it eliminates Wolftail”. “What”, shrieked Moonlight, “That orb is in the Forest of Ember!”. “Where is that?” asked Flame. “Well… that’s the problem, no one really knows.” answered Moonlight. “It always moves, added Twilight, “But we built a device that tracks the forest called GFT (The great forest tracker)” “Great!” grinned Flame.

-Chapter 6 – One Goodbye

They spent the next day planning for the trip. The second day they were ready to go. If they had any friends they would say goodbye to them, but since they didn’t they just said goodbye to Twilight. “Bye!” they said together! “Goodbye my friends” shouted Twilight. And they were off!
End of 4,5,and 6. Just to tell you I wrote this a year ago, it might be bad. Post a comment on this post if you want me to stop.

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