Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Book I Read

I read a really cool book yesterday. It's called Kibitzers and Fools. It has fun little stories that have  a saying. Here's two of my favorites (it has a little yiddish):

A Case of Mistaken Identity
Hershel ran over to a man he saw in the street. "Labish! Labish Noddleman! How are you? I hardley recognized you. You have changed so much." "Pardon me, sir," answered the man. "My name is Yankel, not Labish." "Oy vey (My goodness)! How you have changed," said Hershel. "Even your name has changed." 
The saying that goes with the story is: Everyone has his own craziness.

The Restaurant
"Waiter! Come here" called the customer. "So...I'm here" said the waiter. "Taste the soup!" said the customer. "Twenty-five years we have been making chicken soup," answered the waiter. "Nobody has ever complained---" Taste the soup!" interrupted the customer. "Why? What's the matter?" "Taste the soup!" "All right, all right, I'll taste it...Where's the spoon?" "Aha!" cried the customer.
They saying that goes with the story is: It pays to have a little chutzpah (nerve).

Have a nice day. Hope it is not raining where you are because raining spoils fun!

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