Monday, May 31, 2010

Yellow Car, Orange Car

Sorry I haven't been posting for while. I've been real busy shopping, playing Wii, and more shopping.

You probably have seen the Volkswagen ads where people punch each other and say 'Black one' or Red one' as the case may be. Well, we have been playing this game for a lot longer.  And so, mom said to write a post on the rules of 'Cars No Tag Back.' 'No Tag Back' is a game my mom and I have been playing for the last six years. It's a game I made up while on a really boring trip on a bus. The rules are to tag cars and the objective is toget the most points. I know that you are probably wondering how to tag a car and we'll get to that sooner or later. We tag ONLY the following cars: yellow cars, orange cars, convertibles, and Volkswagen beetles. The clock rolls over every day which means the points that you got the day before you don't get the day after. One person can tag the same car once. For example you see a yellow car only one person in the car can tag it. You have to say it before the other person and he/she can tag it only once.Once you are more comfortable with the game you could adjust it to your needs. As for example, if you live in a large city you are going to have too many yellow cars (Taxis) so you might decide to skip those.
Of course it's a game you play when there are at least 2 players in the car. Now how to tag, suppose you saw a yellow car. You would say (or shout)  'Yellow car no tag back!'.  That is counted as one point. If you see a yellow convertible Volkswagen beetle or a orange convertible Volkswagen beetle, that would count as three points. But they are also VERY VERY (another VERY just for good measure) rare. Here are some more common combinations of tagable (did I just make that up?) cars: yellow convertibles, orange convertibles, yellow 'beetles', orange 'beetles, convertible beetles.
                                                                                                       Finally we are at the different things you can do with this game. You can 'tag' police cars, firetrucks, and even ambulances if you want to. You can also have days for only yellow cars, orange cars, or any other thing.  

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  1. I love it! Across countries and cultures, I have played many versions of this game. As a newlywed in France, my husband and I played "Deux chevaux verte," same idea, but with green 2-CVs. I still remember our honeymoon through Portugal on a bus, passing the time slugging each other every time we saw one.

    By the way, the car I always said I would own when I grew up was the very same yellow convertible bug you mention, my neighbor had one and I loved it!


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