Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girl raises thousands for Gulf birds

I haven't been posting for awhile because there wasn't much to write about. Well *yay* there is one today!
My mom showed me a article on MSNBC about a girl named Olivia Bouler who has already raised thousands for the Gulf birds because of the oil spill in the gulf (Curse you BP!). Olivia draws and paints pictures of birds and gives them away to people who donate to any of several organizations helping wildlife in the Gulf.

I think it's really cool for her to be doing this for this for the birds.It's really amazing how her drawings can sell.Olivia creates her artwork with heavy stock paper, ebony pencil and watercolors. She has sent out an amazing total of about 150 original illustrations so far. Cool right!

 Here's the link to the article. From there you can get to her Facebook page and her art gallery.

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