Monday, May 10, 2010

Parts of Story

The story is called The Orb of Light. Here is chapter 1.

- Prologue

One summer day friends Flame and Moonlight find a mysterious letter. It will lead them to a group of people that call them the Assembly of Fighters and they find out what and why they were chosen.

The Assembly was all about fighting the bad guys. Flame and Moonlight lived in a place where bad guys pretty much were everywhere. Even worse, they weren’t the Sunday Morning television bad guys. These guys would kill you for fun and they didn’t do it the nice and easy ways; they did it the painful way.

As they learned the ways of the forest by going on missions very often they also made friends.

This is the first ever mission that I am about to tell you. Get ready, get set, and go.

------------------------------------Chapter 1- The Letter-----------------------

One quite day Flame went to check the mail against his best wishes. Flame was a boy around ten and eleven. He had jet black hair and fire red eyes.

“Mom, why do I have to go? It’s pouring rain.” he whined. “Because I’m busy, work is soaring down” answered his Mother with a stern sound in her voice. She lately was very depressed; she was on the verge of getting fired. Flame couldn’t see her, but he knew she was right and he went to the mail box.

He at once saw a letter that said his name. I wonder who this is from; I don’t have any friends but Moonlight, but she would come to me not send a letter, thought Flame. He went inside the volcano and went to his room. It was made of melted rock, like the rest of the house. Flame looked at the envelope.

It said:

Flame and Moonlight

4135 Crescent Mountain


This was very odd, thought Flame. He went to the forest to get Moonlight. Moonlight had blond almost white hair and ocean blue eyes. “Come quickly” growled Flame. He was annoyed that Moonlight would not hurry up. Finally they got to Flame’s room. Flame showed Moonlight the letter. She agreed that this was very odd.

Together they opened it. Flame read it aloud.

Dear Flame and Moonlight,

My name is Twilight; I am from the Assembly of Fighters. It is a secret organization to stop bad guys. We think you are the right people for the job. We will tell you what the job is if you confirm. We live across the lake, in the heart of the forest, can’t miss it. Good luck.


Everyone was silent.

That's chapter 1. I'll post chapter 2 later. Hope you like it.

P.s. this is not the story I'm working.

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