Monday, July 12, 2010

The World Cup is over and how disappointed I was about the World Cup Finals!

Yesterday Spain won the finals! I was disappointed in the game though. In the game there were a record 13 yellow cards and 1 red card! It was a brutal game. De Jong was the worst, with his kung fu kick. I felt so bad for Xabi Alonso. De Jong should have had a red card. When you see the replay you can tell it wasn't an accident. The poor referees were kept busy with all the pushing and pulling. Most of it wasn't given a yellow card The players were too stiff and tense and that why the game was a, I sorry to say, disappointment. I still had fun watching the game with my dad. Though I mourned at the end it was still fun ( I was rooting for Netherlands). The Germany Uruguay games was nicer and the quality was better. 

I had a lot of fun watching the rest of the matches and I hope you were too!


  1. I have to agree, the game was NOT the finals you would want to see, and the refs could of done better, but the Extra Time was enticing.


    p.s. nice post though!


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