Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Review #4

Rating 5 out of 5*
         Well, I told you I would write a review of Leonardo's Shadow. So, here it goes. Leonardo's Shadow is about being Leonardo's servant, from the servant's point of view. It is a fictional story, but tells many true things about Leonardo and his art. It all starts out when a boy, named Giacomo, becomes Leonardo Da Vinci's servant in Milan. He learns his master was supposed to finish a painting ( The Last Supper), two years ago! Even worse, the Duke of Milan is mad and you don't want to get him mad. Will Leonardo Da Vinici finish the painting, or will they be banned from Milan for good?

This book is amazing. The author has brought together fiction and true facts to make a wonderful book. It is a book I would read over again. I would recommend it to 10 or 11 and up.


1- I really HATED it
2- I didn't like it
3- I liked it
4- I really liked it
5- I LOVED it

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