Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Reveiw # 3

Rating 5 of 5

I finished the book The Little Prince by Antonie de Saint-Exupery. It's sold 80 million copies in 180 languages, making it one of the best selling books ever made.

This book is told by the narrator for a bit, then for the other half it is told by another person. The narrator is telling something that happened in his life. In the beginning, he , the narrator, is told to draw a sheep by a young boy. Not knowing how to draw one, he draws the only thing he knows a boa constrictor that ate and elephant, from the inside and outside. His little visitor exclaims "No! No!" "I don't want a boa constrictor from the inside or  outside". Later this boy describes his journeys throughout space.

The Little Prince is a book I would recommend to people 10 and up. I enjoyed reading this book very much. 

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