Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Amazing Waterfall Toad

Gave up on drawing it
In the rainforest at the borders of Brazil and Venezulea lives the Waterfall Toad. This toad is 1 inch long or about the size of a postage stamp. Unlike many toads and frogs,  the Waterfall Toad has not developed the ability to hop. So, how does it get away from hungry snakes? This little fellow is an expert skydiver. Once the snake comes close to the leaf which the toad is on, the Waterfall Toad falls off the leaf. The Waterfall Toad bounces of leaves until it finds a suitable vine to catch. It's strong hands grab on to the vine and it pulls itself up (which looks alot like pull ups).
This is one example of the amazing and unique adaptations of life.

*Couldn't find actual one, this will work-VERY GOOD SHOW, A MUST WATCH

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  1. Very intriguing little creature! Life's lessons of adaptation are amazing, you're right.

    Now I have to go read about yellow car/orange car! I am including a link to your blog on mine today, along with what I hope is an accurate description of what you do.

    Have a great day,


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