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TEN KINGS and the world they ruled (and something else equally awesome)

TEN KINGS  and the Worlds They Ruled

OK, I have a deal for you. I have to do this and you have to read a little about 6 kings. Then you find out what the AWESOME THING OF WONDER AND MYSTERY is! Deal? Good.

Today (and for the past few weeks; haven't been reading it like I should have) I read a book called TEN KINGS and the Worlds They Ruled by Milton Meltzer *. In it are the great Kings Hammurabi, David, Alexander the Great, Attila, Charlemagne (my mom has a friend who is related to him!), Kublai Khan, Mansa Musa, Atahualpa, Louis XIV (14), and Peter the Great. I read all but Mansa Musa, Atahualpa, and Peter the Great. Here are some facts about some of the ones I read.

1. Hammurabi <<1792-1750 B.C>>
The first city-states in history developed in Mesopotamia. One of the best known kings was named Hammurabi. He was famous for his law-like code covering everything from wages to divorces.
Mesopotamia is a region in the Middle East.  It has been called many things including Chaldea, Akkad, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria. Right now it is called Iraq. Hammurabi, by the end of his 42 year reign, had expanded Babylonia from a territory less than 50 miles in radius to an empire 700 miles long and 100 miles wide. The empire collapsed immediately after Hammurabi died in 1708 B.C. Around 1600 B.C. the Hittites completely destroyed it.

2. Alexander the Great <336-323 B.C>
No point of doing this again, just read this

3. Attila <445-453 A.D>
Attila is a shadowy figure in history.  He was king of the Huns for a brief time (8 years).  In many people's minds, Attila was a cruel killer and a bloodthirsty tyrant. The word Hun has come to be a symbol of hate. A striking force of Hun warriors numbered between 500 and 100,000. In modern Turkey though, Attila's name is much respected and children are often named after him. Which is true? Is he a bloodthirsty tyrant or a person of respect? To answer that you would need to choose for yourself as works on Attila vary greatly. Go on pick up a book about him and read! Life back then was hard and justice swift and unyielding. To remain on the throne all rulers of their realms, in those times, had to have a measure of cruelty.

4. Charlemagne <768-814 A.D>
History claims him to be one of the legendary figures of the Middle Ages. He was a rare mix of scholar and warrior. He learned to read which was very uncommon in those days. They had scribes for that. He also enforced peace/compliance throughout his kingdom, in an unpeaceful way which included cutting ears off, noses slit, tongues ripped out, teeth broken, joints crushed, hands and feet severed, certain other unmentionable cruelties, and execution. Happy..... But he was a good king.

5. Kublai Khan <1260-1294 A.D>
He is probably less known than his grandfather Genghis Khan but none less important, Kublai Khan was the King of the Mongols who ruled an empire stretching from the China Sea to a country called Hungary. His military was amazing. Most people who lost to him said they were over powered which was untrue because they rarely had more then 150,000 men. Kublai's forces excelled in quality not quantity.

6. Louis XIV <1643-1715 A.D>
Louis the 14th!
Who were the other Louises? They were French kings in a long line of monarchs that traced back to Charlemagne. But the 2 who have blazing pages in history are Louis XVI (16) and XIV (14). Louis XVI is famous because he was the last in line, the one overthrown by the French Revolution and executed in 1793. Louis XIV because he reigned 72 yrs. during a time historians consider the peak of France's glory. His pursuit of glory often lead him to do unwise things resulting in France's quickened pace toward the collapse that could only result in, as it did 2 reigns later (with Louis XVI), in the overturn of absolute monarchy. His pursuit of glory often lead him to do unwise and excessive things

I really like Alexander the Great beacause of his everlasting bravery, courage, and determination. I am not that fond of Louis XIV. He is an interesting person, but his pursuit of glory gets the better of him on many occassions. Poor France.

Yes all six done! Now for the AWESOME THING OF WONDER AND MYSTERY. Drum roll please.....

I AM GETTING A DOG! WHO HO! I will be getting an Airedale ** (see airedale ***) on the 28th of May. I am so psyched! I need an name though. I like Iggy (from Maximum Ride) McShane (not my last name, just a middle name ((and yes, if adults are wondering if I got it from Ian McShane, I did)). What about you? Any name suggestions?

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