Monday, April 19, 2010

A Book Review - Mama's Babies

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5*

Mama's Babies is a chilling fictional story of a "baby farmer" who, for money, takes in unwanted, or inconvenient children. The appearence of a new baby is often preceeded by the dissapearance of an older child, usually a toddler. This story is based on true events in the mid nineteenth century. Mama's Babies is told in first person by a girl named Sarah who, along with many other children, lives with a woman whom she calls Mama.
Sarah, the eldest child, cannot be a regular kid because she must take care of the rest of the kids in the family. Sarah friendship with the train station master's nephew unravels the story.

Mama's Babies was an exellent story written by Gary Crew. Mama's Babies has many sad and horrific parts, so I think this book is best to be read aloud by an adult. This book also has some old fashioned words and terminology. My mother has read this book to me, and because of the facts I just gave you, I'm glad she did.

I really enjoy reading this book (well listening to it). I would recommend it to mature pre-teen and young adults.

1- I really HATED it
2- I didn't like it
3- I liked it
4- I really liked it
5- I LOVED it

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